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Monday, November 25, 2013

Is Time Running Out For The Eurozone?

John Mauldin thinks that "we should confine the leaders of Europe to a far-northern Scandinavian hotel with hard beds and minimal amenities until they resolve their problems."...because "deflation is back and winter is coming"...
 He fears that France may be a likely, and perhaps fatal, shock.
Wolf Richter is in similar mode He highlights, and comments on, a study by Natixis (grateful as I don't speak French) in a post titled (it says it all) French Megabank: “Germany Should Leave The Eurozone”  
Speaking of France, Prof John Gaffney at the LSE/EUROPPBLOG says "that François Hollande has failed to project a clear and effective public persona and that his presidency is now on the verge of unravelling."

(Disclosure: It has been some months now that I have progressively moved towards a Euro-skeptic, dangerously approaching the anti-Euro position... ha!)

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