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Thursday, June 5, 2014

ECB acts: belatedly? adequately?

WFrances Coppola at Forbes "Why Negative Rates Won't Work In The Eurozone"
"So I don’t think this is about bank lending at all. I think it is about German disinflation and the exchange value of the Euro."
Free Exchange/the Economist
"The ECB has certainly done a lot today, but its measures look insufficiently potent to break the spell of “lowflation”."  
At The Real-World Economics Review Blog, a rather heterodox blog, merijnknibbe says: "I think that these policies should be welcomed..." 

While the team at Open Europe Blog say: "in the end, the ECB has made its play and will likely now give it time to pan out. It will continue to provide dovish statements and may even talk up asset purchases in the future but it will urge patience in waiting to see if these measures have the desired impact." 

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