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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Dan Davies : Greece in the penalty box — Bull Market — Medium

Greece in the penalty box — Bull Market — Medium

In my view, the ECB really didn’t have much option but to do what it did. Syriza’s strategy was all over the place, very chaotic and (with the proviso that there might be some kind of super clever game theory going on) really quite amateurish in the way it was communicating.
Karl Whelan : So What Did ECB Just Do To Greece? and also What’s Going On with Greece and the ECB?

I think the ECB Governing Council has today increased the financial stability threat to the Eurozone without achieving anything positive in return.
Duncan Weldon of the BBC poses some questions
...if you are the Troika, why agree to a bridging finance package? what point do the concessions offered so far by Syriza  start to cause problems in the party? 

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