Saturday, April 28, 2018

Leonid Bershidsky | "Why Orthodox Christian Nations Remain Stuck"

Twenty years ago, I would have been inclined to discard this idea simply because it didn’t ring true intuitively. It even sounded rather humiliating as most people scrambled to adapt to the new economic reality, often in highly entrepreneurial if somewhat lawless ways, and as respect for all authority vanished. It was difficult to match the emerging cut-throat capitalism to the Orthodox tradition, even if the robber barons made a point of paying for new gilt veneers on the onion domes of Orthodox churches.
Now, however, I find it difficult to disagree with the analysis of Djankov and Nikolova, at least when it comes to Russia.  
Communism as the Unhappy Coming Authors Simeon Djankov Elena Nikolova (World Bank , pdf) 

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