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Thursday, March 19, 2015

T.Giannitsis, St.Zografakis : "GREECE: Solidarity and Adjustment in Times of crisis"

The findings suggest that pauperisation hit large parts of the society, that policies had very differentiated effects on different groups and that, therefore, average values obscure contrasting changes in inequality regarding particular sub-groups, that during the crisis all income classes comprise winners and losers.....
H Δημοσιονομική "Επιδείνωση" (2006-2009) ωφείλεται στην Αύξηση Δαπανών κατά 77% και στην Μείωση των Εσόδων κατά 20% !  Η Δημ/κή "Διόρθωση" προήλθε από Αύξηση Εσόδων κατά 72% !!!

"Τί πάντως λέει η μελέτη μας" :ΜΕΤΑΡΡΥΘΜΙΣΗ 9/04/15

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