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Monday, January 26, 2015

Hugo Dixon: Grexit still unlikely after Syriza win

Hugo Dixon: Grexit still unlikely after Syriza win
Syriza’s resounding election victory has pushed Greece closer to quitting the euro zone. But a so-called Grexit is still not the most probable outcome, as the radical left group should be able to cut a deal with its European creditors to avoid bankruptcy provided both sides show maturity. (emphasis added)
while Mike Peacock says "Game On In Greece"
Having to seek a coalition partner may give Tsipras more cover to negotiate pragmatically with European leaders. If he had won an overall majority, the hardliners within his party may have pushed him into a more extreme position. 
it appears he wants to go with the Independent Greeks who firmly oppose the EU/IMF bailout programme, suggesting a more uncompromising stance from Athens.
They would be interesting bedfellows since aside from rejecting the bailout they are right-wing and have little common policy ground with Syriza.
Hm... a coulpe of news items
IMF's Lagarde rules out special treatment for Greece
EU's Oettinger says Greek debt cut would send wrong signal to other countries  

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